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Archive Date & Time :  August 22, 2013, 2:00 pm UTC +04:00

User pCount
deeltje 30
realcouponer 25
bumface 24
MK2Brett 18
Spetznaaz 10
nyx 10
fahrenheit451 5
martijn340 5
Red 5
Gurke 5
cujoramirez 5
igo6strings 5
matt6088 4
drone 4
Nordstern 4

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14:00:19 @Simkill jrsy85, I dont think you can yet
14:00:28 @joli Simkill, Didn't Buttercoin go private? It won't be opensource
14:00:31 @matt6088 I mean the bigger the difference in price gets, the more trouble gox is in, and it's getting bigger and bigger
14:00:34 @Montago joli, heh... almost true... if Gox dont get their shit togrther... they might die
14:00:51 @jrsy85 Simkill, cheers, I I thought that might be the case
14:01:02 @matt6088 so LTC equates to gox bux, which I say is a poor investment, especially seeing as you might miss the fabled 'spike' when they do add it as it's bound to be very brief
14:01:07 @Simkill joli, I don't think so, not according to their website
14:01:08 @Spetznaaz Ltc/btc down or up today?
14:01:43 @realcouponer gox wont add it before the end of this year
14:01:50 @matt6088 the huge buy orders for LTC do make me curious though, would someone spent that much money without insider info?
14:02:08 @Spetznaaz Depens if it's real or not i guess
14:02:10 @joli When Gox adds LTC, it won't matter anymore. Gox will be irrelevant.
14:02:15 @realcouponer jan 2014...
14:02:32 @zOxigen time to buy ltc ^^
14:02:32 @MK2Brett Trading bioshockinfinite / crysis 3 code for LTC or btc message me if intereted with offers
14:02:39 @Spetznaaz Anyone know why since switching to most profitable coin mining, my average coins a day has halved?
14:02:49 @igo6strings curse you btc-e! why no xpm. everytime the site goes down i anxiously await xpm when it returns. jerks! the lot of em!
14:03:00 @realcouponer because the coin prices change....
14:03:07 @matt6088 joll, yeah agreed, they will add it buy by the time they do they will have greatly diminished trade volume due to competition from buttercoin and the like
14:03:07 @joli It's too late for LTC and Gox, they are both heading to a horrible death.
14:03:29 @Spetznaaz realcouponer, I know that, but that's not the reason. I think it has something to do with the constant switching of my miners
14:03:35 @realcouponer difficulty changes
14:04:08 @realcouponer for instance terracoin.... retargets everyblock i believe
14:04:14 @Spetznaaz Lol i know this as well.. I am mining about half of what i would be if i stuck to LTC instead of switching coins every 5 minutes.
14:04:47 @Spetznaaz It's not the price or difficulty.. perhaps the act of switching coins so often actually causes you to lose out..?
14:05:02 @uyo joli, how old are you?, sound really childish, and obsessive
14:05:06 @realcouponer in my experience switching back and forth on coins is just a waste... pools fail, too much time switching around.... find 1 coin you like and stick to it...
14:05:30 @Spetznaaz realcouponer, Yeah, i only tried it for 2 days, i think i'm gonna go back to one coin
14:05:33 @simonepsp deeltje, for what? my program uses API keys. It can only buy/sell on account-related API
14:05:45 @jrsy85 uyo, my thoughts aswell
14:05:48 @realcouponer i do bitcoins and litecoins on 1 machine
14:06:22 @Spetznaaz realcouponer, Why do you mine BTC though? Unless you have an ASIC - is it not incredibly unprofitable?
14:06:32 @realcouponer i have asics
14:06:51 @igo6strings would any of you be interested in these pics if i were to convince my uncle to start accepting BTC?
14:06:53 @Spetznaaz ah that makes sense then lol
14:06:54 @Gurke i have my Asics selled
14:07:04 @realcouponer 2 7950s doing litecoins
14:07:04 @Simkill I wonder how long asics will be profitable for. I'm guessing no longer than 3 months
14:07:42 @MK2Brett Trading bioshockinfinite / crysis 3 code for LTC or btc message me if intereted with offers
14:08:05 @realcouponer well its more of a hobby.... only making arounnd $260 from the asics.... i'll probably keep running them when they remain unprofitable just to help secure the network
14:08:09 @allfonzo does bitcoin still profitable? using gpu?
14:08:20 @Gurke no
14:08:31 @zOxigen it is
14:08:47 @simonepsp My software CoinExplorer is completly secure because it uses API keys that are account related, I can't transfer money to another account ;) If you don't trust me simply don't enter your data and use other functions :)
14:08:49 @realcouponer $260 a week* do not gpu mine bitcoins, mine litecoins and exchange for btc
14:08:58 @jrsy85 igo6strings, is that wordpress?
14:09:19 @nyx Still no decent sell orders for NMC. Hopefully someone will decide to sell a decent amount at its current low value.
14:09:52 @nyx FTC still going strong. : )
14:09:54 @crom2k1 where do you guys mine BTC? 50BTC or BTCGuild ?
14:10:18 @realcouponer i seem to do better @btcguild
14:10:40 @fahrenheit451 igo6strings, not my type of thing, but there might be buyers for that
14:10:40 @crom2k1 @realcouponer, PPLNS or PPS ?
14:11:08 @joli The LTC ship is sinking, and uyo is the captain.
14:11:43 @nyx I'm excited for the next FTC charge. : )
14:11:48 @AJRGale whats all your problems? 1:solo mining on a Celeron 900Mhz... 2:get 1 block mined, 3:???? 4:Profit!
14:11:48 @realcouponer if you want merged mining you have to use pplns
14:12:15 @nyx F to the T to the C! Woohoo! FTC! :D
14:12:20 @bebicao BTC-E server are error?? Sometimes cannot
14:13:08 @crom2k1 maybe i should switch to BTCguild :)
14:13:21 @GoldDrive BTC-E for are to be down going if so when every down can up later but not before during downtime because fresh prince
14:13:22 @realcouponer i use pps since the last difficulty increase
14:13:26 @fahrenheit451 does anyone have idea at what price level could be XPM bottoming out?
14:14:10 @3456480 0?
14:14:36 @fahrenheit451 3456480, thanks for your input, anybody else?
14:15:20 @deweydb $100
14:15:22 @MK2Brett what would this AMD bioshock infinite / crysis 3 code be worth?
14:15:51 @AJRGale give you an ltc each one? :P
14:16:02 @DunningKruger fahrenheit451, 0060
14:16:14 @zunic LTC drop dead
14:16:16 @MK2Brett AJRGale, 1btc and you have a deal xD
14:16:29 @realcouponer $10-15 on bitmit
14:16:45 @fahrenheit451 DunningKruger, i have to buy in properly:)
14:16:53 @DunningKruger MK2Brett, probably half the people in here also got those with their AMD cards too :)
14:17:27 @zOxigen btc to 110? is it possible?
14:17:54 @Gurke crom2k1, switch to BTCGuild it have constant and good profit
14:18:08 @cbeast NMC difficulty about to hit 30 Million
14:19:00 @realcouponer btc on gox is $123.... so yes $110 here is almost definite
14:19:28 @Gurke then LTC goes down when BTC up
14:19:50 @realcouponer if it hits $125 here..... might be time to sell all the ones i bought @$64 :)
14:19:58 @pOne LTC is toasty
14:20:00 @jrsy85 realcouponer, I don't think that is as relevant nowadays, arb doesn't really work with gox now. You pay a premium to get BTC out
14:20:37 @MK2Brett DunningKruger, probably :(
14:20:47 @deeltje if they dont break through the 125 line up to 128, it will downtrend for a moment, tripple top or going up
14:21:01 @realcouponer yes but most consider that the standard..... when it hits $150 on gox, it will be $125-130 here
14:21:30 @deeltje realcouponer, depends on how fast, when it was 266 max it was 250 here
14:21:46 @DunningKruger MK2Brett, I sold mine on eBay though probably a better price than BitMit considering again that everyone on Bitmit is probably mining too!
14:21:59 @MK2Brett DunningKruger, how much did you get
14:22:02 @nyx Sweet, precious, amazing FTC! : )
14:22:11 @realcouponer yea that was crazy.... i sold mine here @ $240
14:22:21 @deeltje realcouponer, correction, when it was 266 at Gox it was 259 @ btc-e
14:22:37 @DunningKruger MK2Brett, can't remember, Bioshock £15 - $22 or so. A little less for Crysis.
14:22:44 @realcouponer rebought after the crash :)
14:23:31 @deeltje realcouponer, i started buying when it was 150 i think, didnt know a thing about trading, didnt know 250 was amazingly high ;)
14:24:23 @realcouponer haha... after buying that high.... i bet the one year chart almost made you have a heart attack
14:24:55 @deeltje realcouponer, i bought 2 btc at 150 and 1 at 90
14:25:22 @MK2Brett Furrycoat i will find you, and i will get my btc back
14:25:27 @deeltje realcouponer, i have been trading since april getting up to 700% profit now i think im doing ok ;)
14:25:38 @realcouponer oh thats not too bad.... just in the last 6 months on btce high: 259.00 low: 25.41
14:26:03 @MK2Brett deeltje, thats awesome :) how do you feel about making m 2.2 btc
14:26:12 @realcouponer i think the 12month low was around $11
14:26:32 @cujoramirez strange how nvc is moving lower and lower and xpm is holding up well
14:26:57 @deeltje MK2Brett, im not trading for anyone but myself, ive lost a lot as well, consider that as very expensive masterclasses, if emotion was not a problem from the start i would have already been up at least 2000%
14:27:02 @tradesmart where can i buy bitcoins without any hassle via wu/mg?
14:27:42 @MK2Brett deeltje, i was joking. im never getting my 2.2 btc back...but i will find him
14:28:24 @realcouponer $112 on bitstamp.... come one btc lets gooooo
14:28:29 @deeltje MK2Brett, are you at least spending that same amount of energy on arbitrage?
14:29:41 @realcouponer thought for sure there would be a big jump, since a federal judge in texas ruled that bitcoins are money
14:30:36 @deeltje realcouponer, always takes a couply of days before that news hits the actually price
14:30:56 @MK2Brett deeltje, what do you mean by arbitrage
14:31:15 @deeltje MK2Brett, trading from one coin to another and back again for profit, its what we are here for
14:31:16 @iLostMyDam2FaLOL gap between gox & bitstamp $10, look for that to close more today as people are getting faster SEPAs
14:31:38 @hunterskillz123 do i sense enough of a deficit to buy here and sell at mtgox?
14:31:54 @disclaimer201 you sense nothing
14:32:15 @bumface my coin is safe!!!!
14:32:18 @MK2Brett deeltje, he stole all my coin lol
14:32:21 @nyx FTC : )
14:32:36 @cujoramirez MK2Brett, how could somebody steal ur coins?
14:32:44 @deeltje MK2Brett, stop the sad story and start working arbitrage dude
14:32:54 @bumface whats goin on with btce these last 2 days??
14:33:03 @hunterskillz123 yes! arbitrage ftw
14:33:11 @MK2Brett cujoramirez, with a RAT...
14:33:25 @deeltje MK2Brett, ive lost over 50BTC in the last couple of months but you dont see me sitting down and being sad, im using my anger to get back what ive lost by arbitraging
14:33:39 @Spetznaaz What is this arbatrage you speak of?
14:33:45 @cujoramirez MK2Brett, sorry what is a rat?
14:34:02 @MK2Brett cujoramirez, he hacked my pc, btc-e and gmail
14:34:09 @bumface was this maintanance or ddos?
14:34:14 @disclaimer201 yes, what arbitrage is there? all I see is fees
14:34:24 @cujoramirez MK2Brett, dang how did he do that?
14:34:33 @fahrenheit451 bumface, maintanance
14:34:45 @disclaimer201 bumface, good question
14:35:26 @uyo bumface, btce twiiter said "Technical work related to the integration MT" in Russian
14:35:30 @MK2Brett cujoramirez, shitty school network proxy apparently
14:35:41 @deeltje MK2Brett, you are starting to sound like one of those airport-hobos with a sad story asking people to lend them money to get home, doing that all day, they make about USD 2000,- a day, maybe you should start doing that instead
14:35:45 @cujoramirez MK2Brett, i see :(
14:36:20 @bumface thank you for the answer
14:36:24 @MK2Brett deeltje, no
14:36:58 @deeltje MK2Brett, then get of your ass and start working to get back what you've lost instead of being the sad-story-teller
14:37:50 @MK2Brett i am
14:38:12 @bumface deeltje, are you dutch?
14:38:20 @deeltje bumface, ja
14:38:49 @bumface deeltje, look buy btc with ideal yetserday the fee was 90 euro cent on 1 btc
14:39:44 @deeltje bumface, the buying is not the problem there, the selling is ;) if they ask only 90 cents for selling, them im selling right now ;) but i dont buy anymore, i only get my coins through arbitrage
14:39:46 @bumface i bought 1 btc there yesterday, it took 1,1 hour
14:39:58 @igo6strings WARNING: do not use user LUNAA on bitmit for BTC - Paypal. The shit has been doing chargebacks on me.
14:39:59 @Red omfg nvc
14:40:19 @bumface deeltje, im a miner, i dont know what that is
14:40:31 @Red nvc has FUCKED ME :(
14:41:01 @deeltje bumface, dude its just buying FTC for example, then selling it at a higher price for BTC, that is called arbitrage, its all we do around here, thats how i made 700% up until now
14:41:04 @Red Where to buy noose
14:41:12 @MK2Brett anyone trade a crysis 3/ bioshock infinite game code for ltc/btc message me
14:41:34 @uyo Red, do you pay in NVC :D
14:41:49 @bumface deeltje, thats alot 700%.once i unload this ltc i can start trading.....i mined it at a loss, as you klnow we pay 29 eu cent per kw. my power for 1 r7950 is 1,90 eu per day
14:41:51 @nyx FTC still going strong! : )
14:42:02 @Red :(
14:42:14 @iLostMyDam2FaLOL Buy BTC here sell on gox, withdraw via SEPA, easy arb
14:42:26 @bumface my end of the year bill will be about 500 euro
14:42:33 @Red :o(
14:42:35 @deeltje bumface, yeah energy is expensive in NL, i'm moving to argentina for 9 months in september, its cheap there, dirt cheap, but i am not into mining
14:43:08 @bumface deeltje, host for some people, get 5%
14:43:27 @martijn340 deeltje, did not expect another dutchie in here. hi.
14:43:33 @deeltje bumface, i was thinking about it, but theres already enough noise coming from the streets there ;)
14:43:52 @bumface when your farm sounds like a swarm of locust, you have enough gpus
14:43:57 @Justlite Red how?
14:44:11 @deeltje martijn340, expect more, there are a LOT of Dutchies here
14:44:28 @bumface said dutch people are holding 20 miljon eu of btc
14:44:43 @deeltje bumface, really? article link? :P
14:44:59 @bumface cant stand those noobs, always saying btc= piramid sceme
14:45:09 @igo6strings WARNING: do not use user LUNAA on bitmit for BTC - Paypal. The shit has been doing chargebacks on me.
14:45:17 @drone bumface, that is high price for kWh. Do you have the same tariff at night?
14:45:34 @bumface
14:45:41 @Simkill igo6strings, I think you're silly to use paypal for crypto. it just doesnt work out.
14:45:55 @deeltje bumface, thanks
14:46:05 @bumface drone, im not sure if i have a 2 scale rate, some providers have it here
14:46:20 @alecprince Simkill, paypal works great for crypto use it all the time
14:46:25 @allbiznessman really paypal will do refunds and chargebacks... not btc
14:46:26 @mcbbtce income is taxed, regardless the currency..
14:46:45 @deeltje bumface, you know you can get polish debitcards loaded with around 5000 EUR,- each to anonymously get your money from ANY ATM in NL right? :P taxes ;)
14:46:51 @igo6strings Simkill, have a trusted vendor that i do use frequently. i tried this user lunaa several times when my trusted vendor didnt have any listings. everything was fine but yes, its been charge backs now. very depressing. User Cointrade is A+ though. Trust him 100%
14:46:55 @bumface this germany thing is very positive for us, its a big economic force in the eu
14:46:57 @mcbbtce trading is does not constitue income..
14:47:03 @Queeg I have some extremecoins to give away if anyone is interested pm me an address and I will send 10 EXC over.
14:47:25 @deeltje bumface, indeed, Germany is like one big factory ;)
14:48:16 @MK2Brett anyone trade a crysis 3/ bioshock infinite game code for ltc/btc message me
14:48:21 @bumface haha look robery gone wrong
14:48:31 @nyx I would like to thank the community for making FTC such a FanTastiC coin! : )
14:49:03 @iLostMyDam2FaLOL ^hehe
14:49:32 @rafsoaken nyx, you are killing the FTC market, thx
14:49:39 @martijn340 i almost live in germany, just 5 km from is. handy for buying computer components cheap.
14:49:53 @deeltje bumface, ah yes, south america dude, they dont shout, talk, they just take action ;)
14:49:59 @nyx FTC is the people's champion.
14:50:06 @drone deeltje, do you know % of taxes in NL for example internet earnings (second income)? Here in Croatia it's almost 50%.
14:50:09 @bumface martijn340, now that germany legalises btc it will be good for us
14:50:46 @deeltje drone, normal taxes are 21% right now, food-tax is like 6% and other ones i dont know, incometax depends on your income but can be as high as 56%
14:50:49 @martijn340 bumface, was it illegal? i thought they just didnt see it as real currency?
14:50:55 @bumface if you scroll a bit dosn there is a BTC worth calculator with variables
14:51:17 @mcbbtce recognising btc as a currency doesn't really make it quite usable..
14:51:35 @bumface martijn340, yes sorry, i did not mean legalised, i mean recognised as currency
14:51:38 @deeltje bumface, im using XE convertor on my iphone, they have added BTC recently ;) i use it a lot because of traveling, ARS/EUR/USD etc.
14:52:08 @MasterX1582 lol, are those guys crazy, 4x more than competitors -- > avalonclones dot com/products?s=2
14:52:11 @martijn340 bumface, what does that change though? i would love to just buy a cup of joe with a qr code :P
14:52:17 @Nordstern NEWS: MEGACOIN (MEC) seems to be the first coin, that will implement ZEROCOIN lib
14:52:49 @Nordstern hurry up! ;-)
14:53:01 @iLostMyDam2FaLOL anyone get the feeling nothing is going to happen today ?
14:53:01 @drone deeltje, thanks. I think that kind of taxes is too high in many EU countries.
14:53:08 @uyo Nordstern, source?
14:53:48 @Nordstern bitcointalk
14:54:18 @deeltje drone, as long as you are able to stay under a certain amount of -taxes_viewable_income- you dont have to pay income tax at all ;) just make sure that everything you make on the side *black* does not come up on your bankaccounts known by the tax-offices ;)
14:54:20 @Nordstern [ANN] thread
14:54:25 @bumface martijn340, that means that one of the largest economic powers in the eu recognises it, more will follow, it creates mainstream awareness, more services, price up
14:54:48 @Eternus I think I maybe miss the point. FTC would be so easy to pump up to 112... I just don't have the funds...
14:56:35 @deeltje bumface, +1 the more BTC hits the news in a positive way -magical internet money- ;) the higher the price
14:56:46 @Justlite I think LTC/BTC will go to 0.015 in the next 2 weeks. LTC is not going on Gox this month
14:56:53 @martijn340 bumface, i have yet to see stores in my hometown accepting bitcoin.
14:57:18 @bumface the reality is that almost nobody from mainstream mindset knows about btc, when 1 % of the population will use it, btc qill be 1000 dollar
14:57:32 @Justlite LTC will not be on Gox this month that's for sure!
14:57:34 @drone deeltje, yes. But if you go with PayPal then you are fried. And every amount is taxable here (for that kind of income - like adsense or bitcoin to paypal and similar)
14:57:36 @deeltje martijn340, who cares about adoption dude? just exchange it for EUR :) its the value that is important, i dont see people buying a cup of coffee with gold?
14:57:37 @mcbbtce more people that want to take part in the btc community does not imply btc exchange rate will go up.. them buying mining rigs even could result in (temporarily) lower rates
14:58:22 @bumface btc is to slow to be money
14:58:28 @TheUim Shut up whit LTC and GOX shit . u have maybe 100LTC
14:58:44 @nyx As I walk through the valley of shadows cast by the uncertainties of this market, I will remain unshaken by the haters because I have FTC by my side and confidence in its future.
14:58:47 @CarlosDanger dont let gox kill LTC
14:58:52 @ltcsales ltc buy orders too low 2day. What happened?
14:59:23 @Gurke it is time to buy LTC....
14:59:39 @CarlosDanger ok someone give me some BTC