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Archive Date & Time :  August 28, 2013, 3:00 am UTC +04:00

User pCount
AD80HD 32
EliCash 24
Alienwalkerx 18
chrisj 15
catholic 13
fahrenheit451 12
tigerwood 12
cycloid 12
Mangwear 12
flibbr 11
reb0rn 11
bvminer 10
Birddog 8
c0nnect4 8
fontas 8

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03:00:06 @cycloid flibbr, you just blow my mind with your statments
03:00:12 @fizdoc nmc trc ftc ppc - r.i.p
03:00:14 @fontas Which means despite the best efforts of speculators, the LTC-GOX effect will never be fully "priced in" until it actually happens
03:00:38 @cycloid fizdoc, nvc?
03:00:54 @chrisj rocca prediction logged
03:00:56 @fontas drwoo, I do not trade the LTCBTC market
03:01:02 @fizdoc cycloid, nvc was never alive
03:01:03 @Really fontas: So how did you get your name back?
03:01:03 @eugen3 Isn't GOX having some trouble? How does the GOX effect factor in there?
03:01:04 @catholic fizdoc .. FTC and NMC will make it. ... RIP trc & ppc.
03:01:13 @flibbr fontas, Yes. I honestly see $15 as a very very real pospect. I think MtGox will add LTC because not only have they continually promised it ~ but also, it's #2 coin and going to earn them loads more $$ in fee's.
03:01:26 @Alienwalkerx log this shot LTC to da mooon
03:01:46 @fontas $10+ is nearly certain
03:01:50 @catholic flibbr +10
03:01:51 @cycloid flibbr, #2 coin on marketcap is ripple
03:01:57 @cryptoMax catholic I got faith in JR Willet, is that his name? he actually wrote the second bitcoin white paper, is that right? this guy may just be upon something ! we''ll see
03:02:02 @chrisj flibbr, if I were Gox I would be trying to crash the price of LTC right now so I could buy cheaper and then I might put out a press release and sell a bit of it and rinse repeat
03:02:03 @sal201987 BTC crash soon???
03:02:04 @drwoo cycloid, ripple is not a coin
03:02:05 @flibbr eugen3, MtGox add LTC, get loads more trades, more money, they win. They could also prebuy up LTC and make even more money. cycloid; ripple is not a coin.
03:02:08 @alessandro fontas, true that. not a lot of people wiith money ready on btce relatively. you think coinbase will give gox a run for its money on ltc ipo?
03:02:26 @fontas alessandro, coinbase is a mystery, I'm trying to find out more
03:02:28 @cycloid drwoo, its a scam coin :P
03:02:36 @flibbr chrisj, yeap, they could do that alot. lol
03:02:38 @drwoo its a protocol XRP is the scam coin
03:02:39 @fizdoc fontas, do you think any alt coin other than ltc will survive next few months
03:02:43 @Blue_ fontas, you has been unbanned?
03:02:46 @pOne cycloid, Ripple not....
03:02:50 @catholic cryptoMax.. yes..that's his name 'willet' .. and you're right he's one of the early bitcoin 'in-crowd'.. so he's very influential.
03:03:06 @c0nnect4 Blue_, yep it expired in the last 12 hours
03:03:17 @fontas fizdoc, only LTC will rise significantly (maybe NVC as well), FTC might get pumped once or twice but it'll remain in the dumps
03:03:24 @alessandro chrisj, if you were gox youd be nicce to btc and ltc dont lie :p
03:03:31 @Blue_ c0nnect4, looks like a chapter in btc-e history has come to a close
03:03:32 @flibbr fizdoc, NMC.. it has it's uses. . but needs more development imo
03:03:33 @foolntass sal201987 - maybe, if the rise is based on people trying to get their USD out of gox. But the prophecy goes that BTC will be 200-250 by the end of the year, independent of gox, based on network difficulty going up to 10-15x by that time
03:03:34 @chrisj The price of $10 of LTC on Gox is nearly certain according to Fontas. Logged
03:04:03 @eugen3 flibbr, saying something like "make even more money" certainly overlooks the lack of control of the "even more money" that is causing a credibility deficit at GOX.
03:04:11 @reinoud LTC dipping below 0.02?
03:04:18 @chrisj alessandro, remember they can see in to the accounts of all their customers, they have the birds eye view of the biggest Bitcoin market in the world. That is power
03:04:25 @catholic chrisj .. is that a 'price-spike' price.. or a plateau-price ?
03:04:39 @c0nnect4 Blue_, yep, the "" chapter has now passed lol
03:04:49 @pOne LTC is weak, gox is weak.....
03:04:58 @chrisj catholic, ask him. All I do is log this stuff, I just repeated it to add context and clarity so it makes sense when I quote it back
03:05:01 @flibbr eugen3, MtGox had their money stolen, *cough* sorry, 'seized'. . by the state, they took it on the chin and have carried on. MtGox have served the BTC community well, but yes, their communication is very very poor as of late.
03:05:41 @catholic fontas .. is this 10 dollar prediction.. is that for a price-spike of LTC.. or a plateau-price for LTC ?
03:05:42 @eugen3 I think you'd be dumber to put cash into GOX than to buy a $10 LTC.
03:05:47 @alessandro chrisj, true. its a shame too. how long can we call btc decentralized when there are big players swinging the market?
03:05:48 @tigerwood LTC is GOING UP
03:05:51 @reb0rn I too see definite end of the new alt crap, traded NEO coins for whole day with myself to make dump is not fun, no buy orders at all!
03:06:01 @sal201987 foolntass, great point! ASICM Stock is cheap now! Theres a hot buy
03:06:06 @cycloid lol thats a funny slogan
03:06:11 @pOne NMC > LTC :o)
03:06:25 @flibbr catholic, I personally think $10 will be a base price for LTC on Gox, spiking between $15-25 if BTC stays at its current price.
03:06:56 @reb0rn anyone thinks thet arbitrage between exchange might spiked price for a big dump at gox?
03:07:06 @fontas catholic, spike price will reach $16 or even into the 20's, base price will be $7-12
03:07:09 @flibbr I mean, look @ the BTC order book here on BTC-e vs the order book for BTC on MtGox... Massive.. Massive different. . and this will be reflected in LTC on Gox.
03:07:16 @fahrenheit451 cycloid, that's cool:)
03:07:18 @cryptoMax honest ltc is worth1/4 of btc price!
03:07:21 @chrisj alessandro, it isn't decentralised, there are v small number of people with most of the coins, has been like that since ht beginning
03:07:22 @catholic chrisj .. log that please :-)
03:07:24 @Crusadin BTC still going strong on mtgox
03:07:35 @tee $130
03:07:36 @sal201987 reb0rn, Absolutely I'm in cash waiting!
03:07:46 @cycloid fahrenheit451, yeah its now linked to too
03:07:55 @flibbr cryptoMax, Thats only factoring in # of coin, not market adoption / development, which is 99% of the coins value imo.
03:07:58 @reb0rn sal201987, i would too, but i keep ltc :P
03:07:58 @chrisj Fontas, Prediction logged
03:08:01 @foolntass sal201987 why would you buy asicminer stock? The fags behind it make sure it is only THEM which profit and not those investing in their products
03:08:10 @reinoud LTC is still overpriced imho. In the long run it has few benefits over BTC.
03:08:14 @catholic thanks chrisj :-)
03:08:33 @tigerwood if LTC worth 1/4 of BTC it means LTC at 25 $ SOON
03:08:42 @chrisj catholic, no problem
03:08:50 @reb0rn reinoud, i know what you need!!!!! get my NEO coin NOW it even have sound :P
03:09:11 @sal201987 foolntass, The same reason why anyone buys any of it bc someone will buy it for more later
03:09:17 @cycloid tigerwood, thats only in theory and if money flows in to alts evenly
03:09:25 @FreshGenius tigerwood, why would LTC be worth 1/4 of BTC?
03:09:42 @Crusadin Guys.. I want to get high
03:09:49 @realbman tigerwood, I'd reacon any ltc surge comes if this growth is bubble. Could be in for a correction to 85 or lower soon
03:09:49 @eokrewsanta i would say it should be worth more then 1/4
03:09:50 @cycloid Crusadin, hell yeah
03:09:51 @eugen3 Where besides a drug website can you use LTC as currency?
03:09:56 @alessandro silkroadvb5piz3r
03:10:00 @Hazlitt tigerwood, I will sell you ltc for half of that value and you will still make money!
03:10:04 @loorsaa YES...!, IN DEED
03:10:06 @fahrenheit451 cycloid, wow. But how comes you can't pay with novacoin there?
03:10:10 @sal201987 Crusadin, whats stopping you!
03:10:18 @tigerwood Because there is 21 million blocks BTC and 82 M LTC BLOCKS
03:10:18 @cryptoMax Catholic do you think the US regulators shaping policies around cryptocurrency iis adding more legitimacy
03:10:21 @eokrewsanta because not only supply but also transaction time
03:10:21 @cycloid fahrenheit451, i am working on it :P
03:10:23 @Crusadin Sending 1g / weed for 1 LTC anywhere in europe
03:10:29 @nuno12345 good luck getting past 2.6
03:10:47 @sal201987 PotCoin!
03:10:52 @FreshGenius anyone buying this mastercoin stuff?
03:10:56 @fontas Gox's buy volume in one hour today was 3x the entire sell orderbook of BTC here. Tell you something?
03:10:58 @flibbr tigerwood, market adoption / merchants / development doesn't factor as a consideration into your LTC evaluation ?
03:11:19 @SHSDavid no
03:11:22 @reb0rn fontas, ppl hate Gox let them be ;)
03:11:23 @cycloid lol
03:11:29 @flibbr fontas, exactly.
03:11:32 @fahrenheit451 cycloid, oh, so it's your shop?:) Where's the Litecoin support man?!:) Do you know whether there are any other services accepting NVC?
03:11:35 @c0nnect4 atlantis is growing 10% A WEEK
03:11:35 @realbman lol tigerwood, thats so faulty
03:11:50 @SHSDavid btc-e for lyfe!
03:11:55 @Blue_ c0nnect4, lol
03:12:07 @cycloid fahrenheit451, and plus all feathercoin domains are mine :P
03:12:10 @tigerwood I only see LTC as an investment , people wants to make money with it , they don't want to buy stuff
03:12:17 @AD80HD ya'll think ti's a bad time to invest in BTC at the moment? meanwhile while U.S. distracted by iran/syria?
03:12:52 @cycloid fahrenheit451, i can pay you 2btc-5btc if you help me setup ltc / nvc payment system
03:12:56 @eugen3 GOX only had 65% of volume today.
03:12:57 @Crusadin trade history was updated with colors !
03:13:00 @Really It's always a good bad time to invest in BTC.
03:13:28 @dev Crusadin, and fixed locale bug ;)
03:13:39 @chrisj Hey it's dev
03:13:39 @Crusadin Awesome!
03:13:40 @tigerwood It will create a huge bubble just like BTC (when it was at 2 $ nobody asking for merchant....) people speculate on it , and they get millionaires
03:13:46 @alessandro all hail the dev!
03:13:47 @realbman My thoughts on Syria:
03:14:02 @foolntass invest in greek olive oil. WW3 imminent
03:14:04 @c0nnect4 thanks dev!
03:14:04 @haim dev, When will XPM be added?
03:14:07 @Birddog whoah... colors!
03:14:10 @chrisj Dev is always here in spirit
03:14:12 @fontas Millionaire status sounds good
03:14:24 @Spar7an Why is the U.S. even getting involved with Syria?
03:14:26 @drwoo dev, we need xpm or dgc or they do they wont stop spreading rumors
03:14:42 @Crusadin dev = developer; not CEO BTC-e
03:14:47 @koolio dev nice.... can we get same for our own personal trade history
03:14:48 @Mangwear buy ltc now if you want to be millionare by thursday next week
03:14:51 @catholic hey Birddog .. how are the girls ?
03:15:03 @SHSDavid Dev says LTC to 3!
03:15:03 @foolntass Spar7an - you have to separate. US gov is getting involved. US people voted 60% against it, 9% only for it
03:15:03 @c0nnect4 chrisj, have you seen his avatar it's cool
03:15:08 @chrisj Dev what you make of Feathercoin ACP? Can we get fewer confirmations once in place?
03:15:15 @flibbr anyone here done and work with the bitmessage api ?
03:15:22 @AD80HD Spar7an, [link removed]
03:15:22 @catholic hey dev.. are you bosses russian mafia mobsters ?
03:15:44 @chrisj c0nnect4, haha I have now
03:15:59 @catholic how intersting.
03:16:00 @koolio catholic i deleted that
03:16:00 @fahrenheit451 cycloid, i see. I've got a guy working on a LTC/BTC payment assistence app for our family restaurants and I plan to release source code, you maybe can utilize that
03:16:06 @Birddog catholic, hey catholic... i thought i told you.. i have left that life behind...
03:16:07 @c0nnect4 chrisj, did you check mine lol :)
03:16:15 @silvercoins c0nnect4, hello ! thanks for the help earlier this month
03:16:15 @Spar7an foolntass, I'm really sick of these "foreign adventures" the U.S. gov. keeps pursuing. I forget, though, whatever the people want, the gov. does the complete opposite.
03:16:35 @foolntass Spar7an - The US citizens throught oportunism and apathy have created a beast that was roaming to terrorize the rest of the world, and this beast is turning soon against those who created it. The US gov already gives a shit about what it's citizens want
03:16:42 @chrisj c0nnect4, oh yeah I saw that ages ago, looks good :)
03:16:52 @c0nnect4 silvercoins, no worres glad you got sorted. I get a few PMs sorry I missed yours
03:17:05 @cyberworx foolntass, +1
03:17:06 @alessandro c0nnect4, +1
03:17:11 @Mangwear ltc
03:17:37 @philipppeschel foolntass, +1
03:17:39 @AD80HD Only 3 countries now that are without a central bank
03:17:56 @thewebempire FTC dip is deceptive. its actually up compared to USD
03:18:06 @catholic foolntass +1
03:18:11 @Spar7an Forget it, let the U.S. gov. bring ruin to itself. Congress has a 9% approval rating, yet constinuents of a congressman/woman say it's that other "sob" causing stuff and not their own.
03:18:13 @chrisj thewebempire, correct
03:18:21 @silvercoins c0nnect4, whats your thoughts on LTC position?
03:18:55 @realbman AD80HD, which are?
03:18:56 @pOne Sweet Land of Liberty ;)
03:19:05 @AD80HD The only countries left in 2011 without a Central Bank owned by the Rothschild Family are
03:19:09 @Mangwear ltc pump 4 hours
03:19:12 @tigerwood You'll see LTC and BTC will replace Paypal payment on websites . lot of websites adopting cryptocurrencies as payment (cf google trend)
03:19:17 @Crusadin dev, great additional feature would be H1, H4 charts
03:19:29 @rm9402 AD80HD just got assasinated. :(
03:19:38 @AD80HD Cuba, North Korea, and Iran
03:19:55 @cryptoMax politics is a Game of keeping the masses confused at whatever cost!
03:20:00 @rm9402 Oh phew, thought you got taken out when you cut off.
03:20:00 @philipppeschel sweet land ruled by noobs fegots and loosers
03:20:04 @chrisj right bed
03:20:06 @4chall web header showing wrong data, last price, 115 low 108 high 116. anyone see that ? wtf ?
03:20:23 @Naive AD80HD, do Russia and China have rothschild banks?
03:20:25 @catholic chrisj .. sleep well.
03:20:39 @c0nnect4 silvercoins, hard to say sorry :(
03:20:59 @Naive am I the only one to be happy with LTC price?
03:21:00 @AD80HD Naive, Sure do
03:21:08 @binkbaxter 4chall, I"m seeing the same thing. Strange.
03:21:19 @catholic Naive . .. i will be happier then it sinks to below 0.02
03:21:21 @philipppeschel Naive, no but chinas bank reserve is 2 trillion usd .... so they need not rothschild
03:21:58 @realbman China's money supply increased 1000% over the past year
03:22:14 @dev 4chall, why its wrong?
03:22:15 @Birddog i have settled into my alt coin positions... arize everything!
03:22:23 @Naive realbman, so are they like much richer than they were last year?
03:22:54 @Naive I think Chikun frozen?
03:23:05 @4chall dev, how can be possible low price = 108 and high = 116 ?
03:23:29 @anixosees 4chall, seems logical to me
03:23:42 @AD80HD somebody made a sell order of 116.5 and somebody bought it?
03:23:43 @binkbaxter I was thinking of the spread - $8 difference.
03:23:44 @NWRMidnight 4chall, 24 hour period
03:23:55 @fahrenheit451 4chall,
03:24:05 @disclaimer201 any new coins to come to btc-e anytime soon?
03:24:09 @4chall oh sorry
03:24:40 @4chall i am fucking stupid today.....
03:25:14 @GleasonB its all good. i do random things like that too.
03:25:18 @AD80HD if you're looking to sell or buy new coins just go to cryptsy
03:25:18 @binkbaxter I thought the difference was odd and that was what you were talking about. Still trying to figure what's causing the sudden rise.
03:25:27 @Alienwalkerx nyx
03:25:35 @fahrenheit451 is here anyone running a store or a bar/restaurant?
03:25:45 @tigerwood low price 108 (12 hours ago it was at 108) now high its 116 (its not BID and Ask ) its highest of the day and lowest of the day 4chall
03:26:18 @4chall thanks, i forgot clean my glasses :P
03:26:23 @Alienwalkerx ftc pump
03:26:45 @AD80HD fahrenheit451, make cash profit off alcohol and crap, file for bankruptcy, start new bar, repeat
03:27:09 @fahrenheit451 AD80HD, you would have ot move about a lot :D
03:27:27 @Alienwalkerx or: start new business, fair prices, good drinks. success!
03:28:10 @AD80HD Bar owners around here are so scandalous. all bars are family run with stupid imbreds around here lol
03:28:39 @binkbaxter AD80HD, I just checked out Cryptsy. There's over 60 freak'n coin types. [blink][blink] When did this happen?
03:29:19 @AD80HD may 20th, 2013
03:29:22 @rm9402 You guys haven't heard about Cryptsy? It's pretty awesome.
03:29:27 @fahrenheit451 AD80HD, heh, we have one of our restaurants for 18 years now
03:29:50 @Alienwalkerx binkbaxter, buy ZET and store it for few months :)
03:29:59 @anixosees binkbaxter, there's also coinex. pw that has some really new coins
03:30:42 @Birddog cryptsy is best for multiplying litecoins.. other than that.. its junk
03:30:46 @Alienwalkerx coinex isn't trading right now, problems with site, should be back up soon.
03:30:56 @Markus1377 Whet the heck happened to the buy and sell log on BTC-e? looks sexy now! Thanks dev :D
03:31:25 @dankster i think there was just a CSS change
03:31:48 @Hazlitt Want contact? I do:
03:31:55 @AD80HD I once bought 1100 btc for 2.99 each a couple years ago.. i wish I hadnt got scammed on ebay/scampal.. I'd have a new house right now :(
03:32:03 @Alienwalkerx why do people make 0.0001148 BTC trades?
03:32:20 @oprs Alienwalkerx, bots
03:32:25 @EliCash coinex had some fool exploit a bug, but they know who it is and now there is a police report
03:32:37 @fahrenheit451 Alienwalkerx, because dem poor ghetto asses
03:32:39 @djnite AD80HD, I have also lost some bitcoin to ebay I know your feels
03:32:42 @ronnymil LTC is dead?
03:32:51 @professorhandsom EliCash, what did he do?
03:32:59 @tigerwood LTC is going UP
03:33:04 @AD80HD Alienwalkerx, if LTC was at that price when you bought in however thousands of dollars you wish to spend.. you'd be rich right now
03:33:11 @EliCash found a way to keep taking out bitcoins that weren't his
03:34:00 @Birddog EliCash, i hope he goes to jail for a long long time
03:34:13 @Alienwalkerx yeah should set an example
03:34:17 @EliCash emptied out the exchange's wallet. But the guy running the site works his ass off, and still has everyone's amounts logged and is working on giving everybody their withdrawl privs back
03:34:32 @AD80HD I filed a 5 page report to internet crime database about getting ripped off bitcoins.. they don't care.. not even a single email in response
03:34:35 @philipppeschel there will me al lot of guy realizing wins soon btc got it´s high tsted for now
03:34:46 @Alienwalkerx free fees for life if you donate 0.5 btc to cover his loss
03:34:55 @Ernie 20 BTC theft probably wont get you locked up, get you sent to Australia maybe.
03:34:59 @FuckinBot when btc his 140 usd here, ltc will go to 3.3 usd
03:35:26 @EliCash It was more than 20BTC
03:35:40 @Alienwalkerx it was 2000 USD
03:35:56 @Mangwear btc 2 hit 250 again so but ltc now before 2 late
03:36:00 @EliCash I thought I read in the forum that the guy ended up scraping 80+BTC
03:36:12 @AD80HD I'm not sure where you all getting the math from.. it's all based on current trend and there's only going to be 4x more litecoins than bitcoins on the same technology.. so you'd think ltc 'should' be worth 1/4 a btc at all times but noooo
03:36:23 @professorhandsom EliCash, wow, thats worth it :|
03:36:42 @Birddog someone needs to start a private detective business for recovering coins... cops dont now how to use computers
03:36:44 @tigerwood Earn free BITCOINS by visiting websites : [link removed]
03:36:44 @DoUEvenZyzz Mangwear, dat grammar
03:37:00 @AD80HD if you could recover coins we'd all be fucked
03:37:09 @FuckinBot Birddog, after they hit SR a couple times, there's no use
03:37:15 @tigerwood Bitvisitor
03:37:15 @Mangwear lol smoking joint using penis to type
03:37:22 @Alienwalkerx So he withdrew 22.5 BTC and bought up around 40BTC worth of other coins. Still investigating how much of those he was able to withdraw. This takes alot of work to reapply all trades on all user balances to verify balances integrity.
03:37:32 @DoUEvenZyzz Mangwear, i can confirm, i am penis
03:37:34 @ShadownetZero Ok, got 80% of my savings in BTC, woot wooot!
03:37:54 @Alienwalkerx // bitcointalk. org/index.php?topic=265277.msg3018363#msg3018363
03:37:58 @Birddog FuckinBot, true...
03:38:05 @ShadownetZero bought in at 115, let's go to the moon!!
03:38:15 @AD80HD I wouldn't recommend putting more than 20 percent of your savings in any crypto.. but hey what do I know
03:38:22 @thewebempire ShadownetZero, never put more than 20% of your savings in one investment, just some free financial advise for you to leave or take
03:38:25 @Alienwalkerx That account withdrew 22.5 BTC in total, and when exchange was out of BTC he used his fake balance to buy alot of ZET. After reviewing all logs, exchange is running short for ~66 BTC.
03:38:41 @ShadownetZero But fiat is the devil, I want to go to the mooooon
03:38:50 @AD80HD weird!!!!! read my mind webempire
03:38:59 @Alienwalkerx AD80HD you cant recommend nothing man. You lost your island :P
03:39:01 @bvminer Ltc? All in mofos!
03:39:07 @nixh4ck ltc take off time
03:39:07 @Really How about the guys who put 100% of their savings into BTC at $1
03:39:12 @LazyOdin <.<
03:39:21 @ShadownetZero Really, he made $20
03:39:28 @professorhandsom Really, Balls of steel
03:39:36 @mynameismud really, i would guess they're the exception and not the rule :p
03:39:40 @NateSilver Is twitter broken for anyone else?
03:39:42 @thewebempire Really, lucky. they could have easily lost everything if bitcoin failed and disappeared into obscurity
03:39:48 @Alienwalkerx twitter working for me
03:39:49 @SHSDavid Really, still a bad idear in general to do that.
03:40:11 @Birddog no risk no reward
03:40:20 @EliCash On a lighter note, think zets will be on this exchange any time soon?
03:40:24 @ShadownetZero I got a second mortgage on my house too,
03:40:27 @AD80HD you really think the U.S. government is going to let us get away with a tax free currency that's used to buy illegal drugs from other countries they hate? for a little while longer... maybe...
03:40:31 @Alienwalkerx I have 100,000 in a coin which hasn't even reached 0.00001 :)
03:40:55 @zottower Breaking: Obama declares PPC new US currency
03:41:13 @libre Alienwalkerx, u re european ?
03:41:19 @bvminer Ppc u mean pcp?
03:41:23 @Alienwalkerx Ausfag
03:41:41 @binkbaxter Thanks for the tips on Cryptsy and others, guys. I looked around. Heavens to Murgatroyd - so many coins. I wasn't aware. Isn't there a danger of these deluting the investor base for BTC and LTC?
03:41:42 @EliCash Obama just declared magic mushrooms a currency!
03:41:51 @zottower pretty quiet on the trollbox tonight - what's wrong with you guys?
03:41:55 @libre ;) cuz u use , instead . <-gerfag !
03:41:59 @mnaivete sell ppcoin
03:41:59 @Mangwear ltc is accept in any canadian pouteenery buy now
03:42:03 @AD80HD So... how about them VMA's
03:42:09 @FuckinBot Anyone else follow the Chinese btc exchanges as well?
03:42:10 @ShadownetZero *twerk*twerk*twerk*twerk*twerk*twerk*twerk*twerk
03:42:17 @bvminer Good outlaw cryptos, itll only make em more valuable
03:42:23 @EliCash blinkbaxter - maybe LTC, but I think they are all helpful in establishing bitcoin interest, giving the feeling that one can make more bitcoin.
03:43:05 @binkbaxter A newbie like me could be all over the planet on this with so many options. hmmm.;
03:43:14 @zackclark70 good money to be made buying ltc with btc :)
03:43:20 @EliCash Go for some zets!
03:43:27 @Yilmaz333 in the Netherlands some shell gas stations accept LTC and BTC
03:43:37 @Alienwalkerx no wai
03:43:41 @AD80HD Or just buying LTC since it's cheaper and more affordable than BTC and eventually coverting it if you're poor lik eme
03:44:00 @EliCash LTC is no fun
03:44:09 @Mangwear I hernd in Amsterdam they accept ltc and btc at cofee shops
03:44:30 @zackclark70 AD80HD, i have over 3,000 ltc right now and will be tradeing to btc when the exchange rage goes back up
03:44:31 @AD80HD Piratebay acceptsboth
03:45:16 @Mangwear w t c
03:45:17 @AD80HD Even Reddit accepts bitcoin now it's crazy..
03:45:41 @hydrogenpunk i feel bad for ltc bagholders
03:45:48 @AD80HD haha you sad bagholder
03:45:53 @EliCash I'm bullish for Zetas right now, they have an interesting algorithm, could really go up in price... maybe, maybe not, what do I know
03:45:56 @elgin LTC will go up, its just down
03:46:46 @Yilmaz333 LTC = last trusted coin
03:46:46 @Markus1377 0.00107 on ftc forever alone :D
03:46:53 @zottower LTC will go up, if by up you mean down
03:46:56 @EliCash LTC just seems boring to me, and I've not seen it do anything but go down
03:47:20 @tigerwood I rememv
03:47:25 @pdemarco19 I"m a noob, but why would someone pay $285 for 1 btc on Ebay?
03:47:36 @elgin b/c they're an idiot
03:47:36 @EliCash I say: Bitcoin if you are serious, and I say with other cryptos go with whatever seems most fun
03:47:49 @England1215 ltc is not down, its about the same vs usd, its just btc is up soo compared to that its lower.... do u not understand markets?
03:47:59 @Markus1377 EliCash, ftc ;)
03:48:00 @a3voices pdemarco19, so they can force a refund and then they keep the bitcoin. theyre scammers
03:48:01 @AD80HD pdemarco19, because somebody is going to give him a chargeback in 3 months, then he wont have real proof of shipping.. buyer will run off with bitcoins and get his cash back
03:48:11 @Really BTC is going to 150 now, LTC will continue to ratio-correct downwards
03:48:18 @tigerwood i rembember the same discussion about BTC when it was at 3 $ nobdy believes on it . Look now : 116 $ . LTC will go at 50 $ minimum
03:48:24 @Mangwear lol just wait ltc pump in 3.5 hours. sponcerd by B_ _l _at_s
03:48:59 @Markus1377 tigerwood, are you a millionaire because of BTC?
03:49:02 @AD80HD paypal hates bitcoins so they side with the scammers.. a screenshot doesn't count as proof of any shipping
03:49:02 @gns tigerwood: it's interesting that we value things for what they cost and not for what they are
03:49:05 @EliCash I just dont think LTC has the same connection to BTC as it used to, I'm prob going to be wrong and lose out on money making
03:49:36 @Really All it takes to move to 150 at this point is 1 single person with an itchy finger. The orderbooks are getting very very thin
03:49:42 @AD80HD so many other coins are way faster than BTC...
03:50:04 @mynameismud BTC has the strongest network though...
03:50:11 @EliCash but this is how I thought about it when I first got BTC: Oh look I can buy a couple LTC with this too... but now there are tons of options
03:50:19 @bvminer Ltc isfaster
03:50:23 @Markus1377 Really, 150 on?
03:50:25 @Yilmaz333 ltc the second trusted coin
03:50:30 @Really Markus1377: Gox
03:50:32 @nuno12345 Really, 150btc sell orders is thin? really?
03:50:39 @pdemarco19 Thanks for the info...i will just keep banking my bitcoins
03:50:57 @kinkos99 ltc on gox tomorrow
03:51:05 @EliCash but for how much longer? I'm just not into LTC, I think its more fun to put something into a different, less popular coin or just bank it all in BTC
03:51:06 @AD80HD pdemarco19, bank away just keep your eye out for trends, media, fall of price, etc...
03:51:11 @Dostoyevsky When 10k btc bought a pizza did people think it would be 266 one day? When LTC was $2.3 did people think it was going to $100?
03:51:38 @LuckyLady LTC will never see $100, not even close
03:51:43 @elgin I'm sure they dreamt about it
03:51:46 @AD80HD mtgox got seized up the day it went to 266..
03:51:49 @EliCash I thought a year ago or so that LTC would go up to like 5 dollars or something
03:51:53 @eokrewsanta whats $100 dollars some fiet paper y cant it happen
03:51:59 @Dostoyevsky Thats what they said when btc was $5
03:52:03 @Yilmaz333 never say never
03:52:09 @LuckyLady NEVER
03:52:21 @silianrail LuckyLady, COOL IT
03:52:34 @instinct don't argue with a woman, lol they always think they're right
03:52:35 @drofnelg what will u say when ltc is over 10k usd
03:52:36 @a3voices LTC will never see $10,000
03:52:40 @LuckyLady lol
03:52:44 @gns why not ltc at $100 if btc at $500-$1000?
03:53:00 @bvminer If ltc even gets to 20 in a year, ill be trollboxing from my beachhouse in belize
03:53:01 @Markus1377 gns, because ftc will be at $100 ;)
03:53:07 @EliCash I'll eat my shoe, so anything I say will be muffled.
03:53:11 @anixosees one word, diversify
03:53:17 @silianrail I heard nyx went to the emergency room...mumbling about FTC and shaking
03:53:20 @gns and why not btc at $500-$1000
03:53:21 @FuckinBot bvminer, I'll send you to belize
03:53:30 @reb0rn silianrail, lol
03:53:46 @bvminer In a box?
03:54:00 @EliCash I want LTC to go down and some other currencies to go up to what it is priced at now
03:54:14 @LuckyLady BTC has a better chance hitting $1000 than LTC does hitting $100
03:54:25 @mumonacid What you predict about BTC tommorow?
03:54:30 @reb0rn EliCash, how all others are just clone with no network power...
03:54:32 @EliCash BTC has a better chance at hitting 1000 than LTC has at hitting 10
03:54:37 @frweed and what about the chance of btc 250$ and ltc 10$
03:54:40 @RSKNOR LTC will go up, so it is a safe investment. Buy now. Don't be greedy, settle for a 100% profit when you place your sell order
03:54:53 @AD80HD I just picture all of these cryptocoins like fast food restaurants. Yes there are 100 fast food joints.. but only like 5 that people will actually shop at
03:55:11 @bvminer If btc goes to 500, what would a pizza cost then? 0.0000001 or some crap?
03:55:15 @a3voices theyre more like websites, there's tons of them but people only go to google, yahoo, facebook, etc
03:55:19 @EliCash Yeah and I see LTC as the Huddle House
03:55:33 @AD80HD 500 x .00000001
03:55:39 @Mangwear you know what will skyrocket ltc ? telling media that ltc is used as terrost currency
03:55:41 @reb0rn as far i see only BTC, LTC, maybe NMC and xpm maybe
03:56:04 @cujoramirez ppc too
03:56:13 @reb0rn duno for ppc
03:56:20 @anixosees PPC is the Arby's of fast food
03:56:27 @fahrenheit451 Mangwear, the worst thing is that you're right
03:56:37 @Yilmaz333 don't forget DVC
03:56:46 @LuckyLady CNC must be churchs chicken
03:56:46 @reb0rn rest ALL from FTC and so on all crap, pure crap
03:57:02 @bvminer If you ltc your a terrorist!
03:57:02 @disclaimer201 why xpm? who can mine it? i get 0.01 xpm per day, so i stopped
03:57:07 @AD80HD Some do consider LTC and BTC as a terrorist currency...
03:57:18 @Mangwear we should all work together get er done
03:57:26 @reb0rn XPM has network, ppl like it.... i mine it with i5 so far good
03:57:28 @fahrenheit451 how many ltc's you have so many times you're an terrorist
03:57:45 @FuckinBot fahrenheit451, well fuck
03:57:49 @Mangwear flood cnn twitter account
03:57:53 @bvminer Its true, your either for the dollar, or your against us
03:57:53 @EliCash I like zeta coins, they fund extraterrestrial technology
03:57:56 @Hatetrain LTC funds terrorist organizations and its NOT on Gox
03:58:40 @fahrenheit451 FuckinBot, yep, you're one big bunch of terrorists here. Ahem... we are.
03:58:55 @Dostoyevsky LTC is literally ded
03:59:01 @Yilmaz333 greedy crypto terrorists
03:59:19 @Hatetrain you are all terrorists! quit funding terror!
03:59:24 @anixosees Dostoyevsky, how do you figure?
03:59:25 @EliCash _..._ .' '. / \ / \ ( | | ) (`"` " `"`) \ / \ ___ / zet '.___.'
03:59:26 @FuckinBot
03:59:33 @zero3112 virus
03:59:40 @bvminer Bs
03:59:50 @elgin i dont condone terrorism but it's a point of view of who is one
03:59:55 @Hatetrain Ltc not on gox today:(
03:59:59 @EliCash I agree with Karamazov, LTC is a dead currency